00 Истории успеха – Moderza Team



Director, Argentina Grill Restaurant

My story at Moderza began with working in the Galaktika club as a waiter. Before that, I was looking for a job, so I posted my resume on the Internet. I got a call and was invited for an interview. I've heard that Moderza has a team of professionals, and I wanted to be a part of this team. After the interview, I started working as a waiter in a nightclub. This period helped me to develop a team spirit, gave me the opportunity to communicate with a lot of excellent colleagues, a thorough knowledge of the service sector and a tremendous experience in working with guests!

I continued to search for new opportunities for using my own powers and abilities. In the personnel department, I was noted as an executive and diligent employee, offered work in Terem restaurant. I tried and it turned out.

After a while, I was offered the position of administrator in the opening restaurant and bath complex Dubrovsky. I gladly accepted this offer. I can say that the new work gave me a lot of difficult, but at the same time interesting things. Here my work consisted not only in providing a high level of service, but also in the direction and inspiration of the staff, which I had not previously encountered in my work.

The advantage of Moderza is the possibility of constant development both in specialized courses, seminars and trainings, and in everyday communication with colleagues. This very quickly allowed me to learn the necessary skills of personnel management and do my work as efficiently as possible!

A year later I was transferred to the Argentina Grill restaurant, where I worked as an administrator. For today I hold the position of director. Next, I do not know where I will land next time, but due to the very dynamic development of Moderza, there are different possibilities. I believe that this will be the work of a top manager in a restaurant in Dubai, where we plan to expand our business.




Art Director, Moderza

I have been working in Moderza since February 2007. That's when Plazma nightclub opened, in which I worked as an animator. Looking back, I can safely say that my further “flight” and interesting projects, which I had to deal with, in many ways became possible with the support of my first leader. In order to do your job effectively, you need good relations in the team, sense of belonging to the team and love for the business you are doing. This period allowed me to develop a real team spirit, to say yes to new projects boldly, not to be afraid to experiment.

I am grateful to the company for having noticed me, provided an opportunity to develop and move on. My perseverance does not allow me to retreat, but for the sake of achieving results I am happy to acquire new knowledge and skills.

Becoming an art manager, and later an art director of Plazma nightclub, I was able to fully realize my creative potential. I see the result of my work every day — this is a good mood and positive emotions of our Guests, that inspire me even more to create new ideas and implement them. Of course, there are always some difficulties, and without a lot of effort and support, the team's success is difficult to achieve, therefore, in my work, it is important for me to have an attitude in the team in which I work. For me — this is a single family, united by the same goals and ideas.

I like working in Moderza, here I develop as a person and as a professional. I am open to new challenges and projects, I am ready to go forward together with my, already today, friends.



Digital Marketing Director

I have come to Moderza, being a student of the 5th course of institute. This was my first job and, of course, getting a job as hostess, I considered it as a temporary work-in-progress. In its tasks, the hostess position was very diverse with its own features. I got a good idea of hospitality from the inside. After I worked as a hostess for six months, I realized that I can do more, so I decided to move on. At that time in the marketing department there were structural changes, and I had an opportunity to try myself as a Pr-manager. I had to learn a lot myself.

I remember that I asked hundreds of questions, read a lot of literature, Google helped me. My ambission and desire was marked, and I was offered the opportunity to study internally and at specialized courses. When everything was going well, I was sincerely happy, and when something did not work, I made serious conclusions.

Despite everything,I continued to move on. After all, the best results can be achieved by someone who does a good job every day. Today I am already the Digital Marketing Director of Moderza. I enjoy my work, I like what I do, and I want to continue to develop further. If a person has a desire to work and a desire for career growth, there will always be opportunities in our company — I am a living example.


Director, EC Galaktika

I have been working in Moderza for more than eight years. This is a long enough time in figures, but looking back, it seems to me that everything was as it was yesterday. Since the opening of the Plazma club I worked as a waiter. At that time, I had to work on two jobs. The personnel department was of service to me: I was offered a convenient schedule, which allowed me to combine both works. Over time, I realized that I  like the waiter's job more, so I left the second job.

After working for several years, I received an offer to become an administrator in the club. The post of administrator was a difficult choice for me, since I had no managerial experience, but my advantage was the previous experience as a waiter, knowledge of service standards and colossal support of the whole club staff. I agreed. Thinking about what helped advance in my career, I can confidently say that it was the desire to do my job as best as I can and great devotion to the business.

In 2012, a new period began in my career — work as an administrator in Terem restaurant. I understood that this was a completely different format for the work of the establishment, but I knew that this was a new experience, new knowledge and development. I proved that I was ready for the position of the head, I got good experience in the field of leadership.

A year later I was offered to take the post of director of the EC Galaktika. It's nice to feel that they believed in you, it certainly gives confidence in your own abilities. I like working at Moderza, they trust me, they always support me in everything. It is important that you are listened to and considered. It is thanks to this that I work comfortably, my work for me is a "second home".


Director, Argentina Grill Restaurant

At the end of 2012, I first learned about Moderza. In search of work I went from the one of the interviews. Passing the Opera restaurant, I decided to try my luck, and called on to find out if there are any vacancies.After the interview, I was offered a job as a waiter, and my story began with Moderza. It was a little difficult to adapt to such a rapid pace of development, however, management contributed to this and supported all of its employees.
Then I had nothing to do with the company, but after working for a year at the Opera restaurant, I got great experience and discovered a new world — the world of restaurant business!
In 2015, the company opened a new restaurant of Argentinian cuisine — Argentina Grill, in which I was offered to take the post of administrator. Then I did not even guess how fast the company and me along with it will grow, developing as a person and as a professional! New knowledge, opportunities and friends ... Moderza helped and believed in me!